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“Eppur si Muove” or “But Indeed it Moves,” were the words of Galileo Galilei when he affirmed that the Earth was round. This was a statement he was forced to recant in order to avoid certain death, and a statement which today is an undisputed truth.

Modern history has proven to us again and again that truths once deemed irrefutable do in fact have the capacity, or more accurately the probability, of changing. As we grow, explore, research and learn, so do many of our assumptions evolve.

What other “truths” about AIDS are still waiting to evolve? Hasn’t all the information that we have accepted as fact about HIV and AIDS come to us through reliable and unbiased sources?  How could there possibly be room for error or change in our conceptions about the HIV virus and the AIDS epidemic?  “Science” has already revealed all there is to know.  Or has it?
PharmAids was born out of the passion of  individuals who decided they could not so easily accept the perpetuated “truths” about HIV and AIDS. These individuals have studied, researched and delved deeply into this subject and have sensed that much of what we know is indeed questionable.
We must ask questions because inaccuracies and misinformation only serve to perpetuate and amplify a culture of fear; a culture where people feel they have no other choice but to go along with the status quo in assuming that an HIV/AIDS diagnosis signifies the end of his or her life. Studies on the coupled dynamics of  fear and disease have clearly illustrated that nothing can send a person to their own demise more effectively and swiftly than one’s own belief in that demise.
The purpose of PharmAids is to instigate and inspire the viewers to question the “facts” that have been presented by governmental authorities and remind us all that many of our present  truths were once deemed heresies in the not so distant past.


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