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[SSEX BBOX]  “[SSEX BBOX] sexuality outside of the box” is  the first web documentary series exploring sexuality as a means for social change. [SSEX BBOX] is a social justice media project presenting a printed magazine and series of full-length and short documentary films building awareness around sexuality and gender world-wide. Brazilian director, Priscilla Bertucci believes, “Sex should be discussed and explored consciously outside of the box”. From Spain, Germany, and Brazil to the United States, the documentary series [SSEX BBOX] poses challenging, candid and gripping questions about real sex and sexuality: What would a sexually healthy society look like?  How do you define your gender?  Politics, linguistic meanings, and international interpretations of what it means to be queer are explored.  What is trans female power?   [SSEX BBOX] also understands that we can’t talk about what’s outside of the box without taking a closer look at the box itself.  Consequentially, we explore prejudice, homogeneity, hate crimes, homophobia, transphobia, the gender bienary and monogamy.  Bertucci and her international film crew are questioning archaic and obsolete understandings of gender and sexuality while exposing both our commonalities and uniqueness.


The goal of the project is to expose an international audience to what people around the world really do, feel and want.  For example, how many people around the world are in non-traditional relationships, and yet we don’t hear about it?  [SSEX BBOX] transcends cultural taboos around talking and asking about sex, thus facilitating accessible, engaging, accurate and thoughtful discourse, awareness and real sex education.  The impact is a strategic dismantling of isolation and shame.  Project advisor and licensed psychotherapist, Therese Noel Allen, MA, MFT describes:


  • “Despite living in a sex obsessed society, current media continues to covertly communicate strict coding around what is okay to feel and not okay to feel.  These codes often stem from hetero-normative, patriarchal, Christian, and traditionally gendered norms and provide guideposts for what is civil, appropriate and normal.  Unfortunately, these ‘norms’ tend to have little to nothing to do with real feelings, desires and experiences, (which are far more rich, vibrant and diverse than we’re told) and their impact is shame.  Shame is perhaps the most constructive instrument of isolation, depression, and oppression.  Our most effective means for countering this is an experience of belonging, which is achieved through telling our stories and fantasies and hearing stories like ours.  This is the beauty of [SSEX BBOX].”


By taking viewers on a tour through São Paulo, San Francisco, Berlin, and Barcelona (the four cities initialed in the project’s double-S, double-B name), [SSEX BBOX] reveals the reality that there are infinite faces of sexuality and explores their collisions with censorship and civic borders.  Currently, film crews in these four cities are documenting sexuality outside the box through interviews with sex educators, artists, healers, and everyday people from a diverse range of sexual orientations and genders, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender-queer, and straight folks.  Topics such as gender, sexual orientation, sex work, non-monogamy and polyamory, relationship skills, queer culture, and child rearing practices are unapologetically and boldly addressed.

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films available at:
https://vimeo.com/ssexbbox/videos http://www.ssexbbox.com/